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Living and working in Central Florida, I understand the difficulty of finding iron clad coverage for an affordable premium. ObamaCare and Affordable Care Act is changing all that and many of you will now qualify for subsidies to make your insurance more affordable. Our website offers instant and secure, on-line quotes from the most popular and highly rated health insurance carriers in Florida, but more than that we can help you shop smarter with innovative ideas on lowering your premium. Let us show you how to qualify for a subsidy! We can calculate your subsidy for you, determine your eligibility and walk you through the process.

A quick call to us at: (407) 342-9945 , or email us and we can share with you some proven strategies on how to lower your monthly premium without sacrificing your security or putting your kids college fund in jeopardy. Hegeman Insurance Brokerage, has been offering our clients superior insurance products throughout the State of Florida since 1996. If you came here directly from the Search Engines, please be sure to visit our Florida Insurance Homepage.

You won't find lower rates! Why? Health insurance premiums are set by Florida Department of Insurance Law. Its' true, you won't find cheaper rates anywhere else, on the same plan and in the same zip code. It's the law and it makes both our jobs a heck of a lot easier!

Affordable Short Term Health Insurance Coverage:

Do you have preexisting conditions and are you having trouble finding or qualifying for major medical health insurance? Or, maybe you're just tired of paying high premiums? A Short Term Health Insurance policy may be the answer.

Being located in downtown Orlando for the past 16 years, affords us a unique geographic location to serve Orlando and the Central Florida community. We are personally involved with containing the high cost of health insurance by acting as brokers for some of the lowest cost health insurance plans available in Florida. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our service! Our office is located in the downtown Central Business District of Orlando.

We are an independent, insurance brokerage agency that offers personalized service to the small business owner and the self employed. Whether you are trying to find the most affordable individual health insurance plan in Florida, Medigap or Supplemental Medicare plan, temporary health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance or a Health Savings Account, you will not find better service or lower rates, anywhere.

Since 1996 we've been one of the largest online agencies offering our clients unbiased access to a COMPLETE cross section of the most affordable and top "A" rated Florida health insurance carriers. Visit our Florida Individual Dental Insurance page to get a listing of the best individual dental plans in the Orlando area. No waiting periods; no caps on benefits, and PPO Plans are available. There are still excellent deals out there on individual dental insurance. Confused by changes coming next year and already being phased in by ObamaCare, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act? Call us, we can help you navigate through the myriad changes coming!

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Health Insurance Orlando

At Hegeman Insurance Agency we know your time is valuable and that you have a choice in who you choose to work with. There are no charges for the services of an Agent. In Florida insurance must always be purchased through an Agent whether he/she is local or in some remote location. We work hard to earn your business.

We offer a complete cross-section of Health (Individual and Group) and Life (Term, Whole Life, Universal etc.) insurance products including, dental, disability and long term care coverage. Along with a full line-up of supplemental insurance products like Accident, Critical Illness and Supplemental Cancer and Final Expenses policies.

If there is anythimg you need and don't see on the website please ask, we are here to serve you.

If you are in Orlando, Florida and if you call ahead for an appointment, we can meet most days between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00pm.