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Florida health insurance has changed dramatically with OBAMACARE and the Affordable HealthCare Act. Gone are the days of underwriting for medical conditions. But some things haven't changed such as significantly higher premium costs (for people who don't qualify for subsidies). Now there are penalties for not having insurance and they will increase in 2015. Since 1996 Hegeman Insurance Brokerage has served clients throughout Florida with health insurance for their individual medical and small business owner needs including a complete line-up of Life Insurance, Dental Plans, Short Term medical plans.

Use Our Contact Sheet for CUSTOMIZED, same-day quotes from United Health Care, Cigna, Aetna, Humana and Assurant, and/or call (407) 342-9945.

There are no extra charges when working with an Agent, the rates you see on the internet already reflect compensation for an agent and are set by the Dept. of Insurance. Regardless of where you purchase your insurance, the rates are the same (if their not then call me!) and ultimately MUST be purchased through an Agent. Premiums CAN NOT vary from one agent to the next, it's the law in Florida. Premiums only vary according to age, zip code, family size or smoking status. We also include a 10-day free look period afer you receive your policy. Your information is kept private ou the latest secure socket layer encryption (SSL) and is held confidentially according to Affordable Care Act Privacy Restrictions as applied to Agents.

Please take some time to explore the many resources you will find on this website. We don't just sell Health Insurance! Maybe you are interested in exploring some more aggressive options to an individual health insurance plan and are considering a high deductible plan with a Supplement of some sort? You might also be considering Temporary Health Insurance and not sure how that works or would like to see some comparisons.

Short Term Health Insurance

Do you need INSTANT QUOTES on a lower cost medical insurance plan for a period of up to 12 months? Temporary medical insurance is just that. Do you have a preexisting conditions and, if so, are they well controlled? No pre-existing conditions - better yet! Or, are you waiting for employer coverage to start? Maybe you're just looking for a less expensive alternative to major medical coverage? Consider the low cost advantages of Short Term Health Insurance Coverage plan with up to $2 million in benefits.

Supplemental Insurance Products: Accident, Critical Illness, Cancer

It seems like a cliche but accidents do in fact happen. Unexpected injuries can really send your financial planning upside down in a hurry. Take for example, a broken arm which, if you only have to go to the doctors' office, should run under $500. An open-arm, or compound fracture is quite a different story and can involve a trip to the hospital, surgery, and possibly some physical therapy. You could be looking at a jaw-dropping bill of almost $25,000 in such a case without insurance of some sort.

This is where Supplemental Policies are a life saver. You can select benefit amounts of uo to $10,0000. As health insurance premiums increase over time, the trend is for people who don't qualify for subsidies to opt for higher deductible plans. A Supplemental Accident plan can cover your out-of-pocket in the event you find yourself in the hospital as a result of an accident. This is generally why healthy people find themselves in a hospital moreso than any other reason. Plans are available with benefits up to $10,000 per accident per covered person. This can provide a relatively inexpensive way to self-insure yourself if you have a high deductible plan with a high maximum out-of-pocket limit. Click here to get a Group Health Insurance Quote... Let us quote your employer health insurance when your next renewal comes up.

Why Buy Life Insurance?

The ability to earn an income can be considered your family's most valuable asset. However, the ability to earn an income is of course not guaranteed. Yet, the need for income may continue for those who were financially dependent upon you.

Consequently, your need for life insurance and the amount will depend upon your personal and financial circumstances.

Mortgage Protection, whether you live with a spouse, significant other or have children, you should consider having Life Insurance as Mortgage protection. Term Life Insurance can be used to pay off a mortgage, help put a child through college, pay for final expenses in the event of your death or, income replacement if you and a significant other were counting on two incomes? Also, if you are the sole owner of a business, how much capital will it require when you die and will your dependents be able to continue it or sell it?

More Info. on Florida Health Insurance No matter where you look, you won't find lower premiums than you will find here on this website. If you find a lower price then you are not comparing the same plan or you are using a different zip code. It makes your job a lot easier since you don't have to negotiate or jump from one website to the next searching for the best deal.

There are no shortcuts to lower Orlando health insurance rates.

Many people don't realize that health insurance coverage in Florida must be purchased through an agent and the rates can not vary from one site to the next...even if you call the insurance company directly. All rates are fixed by the Dept. of Insurance. This makes your job a little easier...no need to jump from one site to the next.

Traveling? Visiting Florida from overseas? Find great rates on Travel Insurance that work just like Florida health insurance even if you are NOT a U.S. citizen and living in Florida.

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Welcome, if you are searching for more affordable Florida health insurance, your search is over! On this website you will find the tools you need to find the best deals and most affordable individual health insurance plans in Florida.

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Health Insurance Orlando Are you looking for assistance from an experienced Agency with selecting a plan for 2015? If you have an individual health insurance plan in place before March of 2010 (with certain restrictions) you may keep it until the end of 2014. Or you may elect to enroll in one of the plans that are available on the Health Insurance Exchange, the open enrollment period ends March 31st. We can help you with your quotes and calculate your subsidies. Please take a minute to fill out our short online Contact Form:Contact Sheet

Starting in 2014 you can not be denied health insurance regardless of your medical history nor can you be charged more for preexisting health conditions. However, the insurance companies can "rate-up" for such things as smoking, age and geographical location.

ObamaCare 101

With the onset of ObamaCare, all health plans sold since 2014 must include minimum standards called, "Essential Health Benefits". That applies whether you buy your plan on "The Exchange", or "Off-Exchange". And, you must have a qualified health plan with those benefits, or a qualified grandfathered plan, or you will be subject to a fine of $325 per person for the year, or 2% of your annual household income, whichever figure is greater. (Based on your income above the tax filing threshold of $10,000.) The maximum penaly for a family this year is $975. In 2016 the penalties increase to 2.5%, or $695 per person, and after that it's adjusted for inflation.

There are three (3) key dates to remember for ObamaCare:

1.) October 1st, 2014: Marketplace Open Enrollment begins;
2.) January 1st, 2015: Earliest effective date;
3.) March 31, 2015: End of Open Enrollment.

Special Exceptions are available after the Open Enrollment Period ends for such life changing events as termination of Employer Coverage; births, deaths and moving from one area to another. You may qualify for government assistance in the form of Advanced Premium Tax Credits when purchasing a "Silver Plan" only, which can lower your monthly premiums. For a quick tutorial on basic health insurance terminology such as how coinsurance works, copays relate to deductibles and maximum out-of-pocket costs, use the image links below to get yourself up to speed.

co insurance co pay deductible high premiums
Armed with the above information you know a lot more than most people as far as basic terminology. Prior to The Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. ObamaCare, Group medical insurance would have been more expensive the individual health insurance, however all that has changed as both types of coverage are now what is known as, "guaranteed issue". This feature of individual plans now being guaranteed issue where even people dieing of cancer are covered has driven up the cost of individual plans dramatically, along with other features in the legislation providing for benefits such as the 10 Essential Health Benefits which includes no limits on insurance company liabilty, maternity coverage, annual checkups covered, mental health benefits etc etc, the very things which previously made Group health insurance so uniquely expensive. Long story short, it's affordable for those people who qualify for subsidies everyone else needs to do their homework.