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Florida health insurance
has changed dramatically with OBAMACARE and the Affordable HealthCare Act.  Since 1996, Hegeman Insurance Brokerage, has served clients throughout the State of Florida with health insurance for individual medical and small business owner medical plans, dental plans, short term medical plans and long term care plans.

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For a quick tutorial on basic health insurance terminology, use the links below to get yourself up to speed in a HURRY!

Armed with the above info., which do you think would be more expensive - group medical insurance or individual medical insurance? If you said group medical insurance then you are on the right track to understanding the main difference between the two.

Essential Health Benefits and ObamaCare:

1) Ambulatory Patient Services;
2) Addiction Treatment;
3) Hospitalization;
4) Care for newborns and children;
5) Prescription drugs;
6) Annual check ups and wellness services;
7) Laboratory Services;
8) Occupational and Physical Therapy;
9) Emergency Services;
10) Mental Health Care;
11) Speech-language therapy;
12) Maternity Care;
13) Chronic diseage treatment.

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Do I Need Life Insurance?

The ability to earn an income can be considered your family's most valuable asset because your income allows you to obtain other assets, particularly the necessities of life and, of course, the creature comforts. However, as we know, the ability to earn an income is not guaranteed. Yet, the need for income may continue for those who were financially dependent upon you. Consequently, your need for life insurance and the amount will depend upon your personal and financial circumstances.

Here are some considerations:

How many people rely on you being able to earn a living? 
Chances are there are several which means they would be stranded were it not for your care and support.

How long would it take for your dependents to become self sufficient? Start with the annual income you bring in to support your family and loved ones. Subtract from that amount your assets and what they would inherit in the event of your passing.  And subtract public and private sources of income such as pensions or social security benefits.  If you die, how long will it be before assets are turned over to your family? 

How old are your children and how long might they be needing money for their education and housing etc.  This number might be lower depending on their age and status etc. 

If you are the sole owner of a business, how much capital will it require when you die and will your dependents be able to continue it or sell it?

Do you have a mortgage or what about funds for your children's college education?

If your estate has significant assets tied up in non-liquid assets such as real estate, a share in a business, art etc. or collectibles), upon your death your estate may be required to pay considerable taxes.  Fortunately Federal Estate Taxes aren't due until nine months after death. But you may still be required to sell non liquid assets at a less then arms-length basis and face loss in potential value. Usually a Probate Court will promptly authorize a family allowance for funds, it would still be nice for inheritors to access immediate cash that is not subject to Probate such as Life Insurance.

 If your Estate has significant funds in bank accounts or marketable securities, you won't need insurance for this purpose.

These are just a few of the types of considerations.

More Info. on Florida Health Insurance

No matter where you look, you won't lower premiums than you will find here on this website. If you find a lower price then you are not comparing the same plan or you are using a different zip code.  It makes your job a lot easier since you don't have to negotiate or jump from one website to the next searching for the best deal. 

There are no shortcuts to lower Orlando health insurance rates.

Many people don't realize that health insurance coverage in Florida must be purchased through an agent and the rates can not vary from one site to the next...even if you call the insurance company directly.  All rates are fixed by the Dept. of Insurance.  This makes your job a little easier...no need to jump from one site to the next. 

Traveling? Visiting Florida from overseas?  Find great rates on Travel Insurance that work just like Florida health insurance even if you are NOT a U.S. citizen and living in Florida.     

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Welcome, if you are searching for more affordable Florida health insurance, your search is over!  On this website you will find a cross-section of the most affordable individual health insurance plans in Florida.  We guarantee our rates to be the lowest you can find. 

Offices in downtown Orlando Florida:

Do you need help from a Navigator with selecting a plan for 2014 and beyond?  If you have an individual health insurance plan in place before March of 2010 (with certain restrictions) you may keep it until the end of 2014.  Or you may elect to enroll in one of the plans that are available on the Health Insurance Exchange, the open enrollment period ends March 31st. We can help you
NOW with your quotes and calculate your subsidies.  You will need to fill out our Contact Sheet with information about your Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI). 

As part of ObamaCare, all health plans sold for next year will meet 10 minimum standards called, Essential Health Benefits or you will be subject to a $95 fine or 1% of your income for every person in your household who does not have health insurance, whichever is greater. And, this fee increases every year. These essential health services include but are not limited to: maternity and newborn care, routine wellness exams and preventative services, chronic disease management, dental and vision care for young children.

Starting in 2014 you can not be denied health insurance regardless of your medical history nor can you be charged more for preexisting health conditions. However, the insurance companies can "rate-up" for such things as smoking, age and geographical location.


Two carriers have opted to revert to HMO type plans (Humana and United HealthCare) in order to meet the mandates of the Affordable Care Act. Do you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each?  Which one restricts your access to only in-network providers?  Which one requires you to get a referral from a Primary Care Physician before you can see a Specialist?  Which one has immediate access to Urgent Care Centers?  Which one has limited flexibility and Gag Rules preventing doctors from discussing more expensive options?  Knowledge is power.

You may qualify for government assistance in the form of Advanced Premium Tax Credits when purchasing a "Silver Plan" only, which can lower your monthly premiums.  Your health insurance premium will be calculated according to your adjusted gross income.  Other income to include in this calculation include: rental income, annuities, dividends, capital gains, alimony and some retirement and pensions.  Please call for details on how that works because the exchanges are slow getting that information available.

There are three (3) key dates to remember for ObamaCare:

1.) October 1st, 2013:  Marketplace Open Enrollment begins;

2)  January 1st, 2014: Earliest effective date:

3)  March 31, 2014:  End of Open Enrollment, Special Exceptions are available after the Open Enrollment Period ends for such life changing events as termination of Employer Coverage; births, deaths and moving from one area to another.

The rates you find here and the lowest you will find; Hence, no need to jump from one website, or agent, to the next.  It makes both our jobs a little easier - don't you think?

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Do you have preexisting conditions that are well controlled and want a more affordable alternative? Or, are you waiting for employer coverage to start?  Maybe you're just looking for a less expensive alternative to major medical coverage?  Consider the low cost advantages of a Short Term Health Insurance Coverage plan with up to $2 million in benefits.

Florida individual dental insurance






Click here for more info. on Orlando Dental Insurance Orlando Fl  A true Co-pay Plan, not a Discount Plan...selling dental insurance to individuals for more then 16 years.

  • $5.00 Co-Pay Office visits
  • $5.00 Co-Pay Extractions
  • FREE Cleanings
  • FREE X-Ray
  • FREE Fillings
  • $110 Deep Cleaning per Quad
  • $245 Crown + Lab Fee
  • $250 Veneers + Lab Fee
  • No Deductibles
  • Premium will not increase with Age.
  • No Waiting Periods
  • No Yearly Dollar Cap
  • Pre-existing Conditions are covered.

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